All Americans Have Access to Regular Health Care

This is a pro essay focusing on the argument that ensuring all Americans have access to health care will result in low costs of healthcare, and subsequently promote access to regular and preventive care before the condition becomes critical. The majority of Americans support the concept of universal healthcare coverage. However, the provision of healthcare is not a human right. This is because even basic healthcare services have not acquired the status of citizenship rights like public education or protection rights provided in the Bill of Rights. Citizens lack trust in government as a result of party squabbles and grafts. These factors undermine public confidence in the government to provide their healthcare needs considering the complicated nature of health care. It is the manner in which states run public institutions that discourage Americans from depending on the government for the provision of healthcare services. It was the dysfunctional bureaucracy of the state system that made previous attempts fail, leaving the citizens to struggle with the status quo.

Americans perceive public health insurance as a burden on government budgets or vitally bureaucratic. Most of the public healthcare insurance systems in the US have become expensive. However, they facilitate health coverage with relatively little overhead cost than their private counterparts. Public healthcare providers have also experienced a lower rate of inflation in the past decades. At the same time, expenditures of public healthcare providers are increasing. These growths are due to efficiency which makes these public institutions appealing. Congress has renewed its support for public healthcare insurance resulting in steady and gradual growth.

On the other hand, critics of public healthcare argue that the Department of Health and Human Services allocates few resources and grafts are rampant, costing taxpayers billions of dollars. Critics emphasize that these losses and few resources cannot be experienced under the watch of private healthcare providers. Despite cases of fraud, public healthcare providers have low overhead costs compared to their private counterparts.

Health insurance should not be operated as a business. This is because Americans have been paying medical providers for each service they need. However, this has enabled the healthcare providers to create a number of medical procedures some of which serve no purpose. This system creates an expensive medical process. Experts propose pay-for-performance rather than fee-for-service. The aim of this proposal is to produce a quality service rather than create an abundance of expensive procedures. The gem of this idea is to create both financial savings and preserve the quality of healthcare services. Private healthcare providers are expensive. This condition forces the uninsured people to foregone medication resulting in further complications. Private healthcare services are not accessible to the public because of costs. If public healthcare takes the form of business, many uninsured people will still not access healthcare services.

Health insurance services have various ranges of products covering their diverse range of customers. Healthcare providers should not use pre-existing conditions as the basis of insurance or payment of premiums. This can lead to discrimination of patients. Patients whose pre-existing conditions are not severe or have low premiums are likely not to receive the care they deserve. Healthcare insurance targets groups that can pay the most. The level of income determines the premium or insurance policy an individual should have. Patients who experience hardship should get subsidized healthcare services.

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