Western Water Corporation’s Management Analysis


Western Water Corporation is the market leader among the thirteen Victoria’s regional town water companies. Provision of water, sewage services, and recycled water are among the basic services offered by this company. The companies operations are very vital since it serves a population of about 140, 000 in 3,000 square kilometers. Western Water Company is statutory cooperation and its operations are guided by the Water Act 1989 (WRA, 2010).

The company has enjoyed various achievements in the past which have led to customers’ satisfaction. Most significantly, the completion of the Surbiton Park Class alongside the link of residential clients to first-class recycled water in Eynesbury town. In addition, the company is also proud of having the most efficient water recycling process; where 88% of the drinking water is rescued in the recycling process. In the endeavors of establishing a carbon-free environment, the company has received a $700k grant which will ensure the construction of a cogeneration plant. In this case, the company will focus on the use of biogas thus evading the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (Evans, 2006).

Its vision is to be the market leader of service providers and collaborate with the community to ensure a sustainable future. Most evident through its commitment to ensuring a carbon-free atmosphere and working tirelessly to avoid climate change. In addition, the company has put in place an environmental management system that is entitled to the responsibility of ensuring the protection of the environment (WRA, 2010).

Organizational Structure

Merits and integrity are the guiding principles in the management and organization of the company. The company has a vertical power structure; where decisions and directives are made from top to bottom. This hierarchy of power has been associated with smooth management of human resources as well as efficient operations (W W, 2010).

It is noted that the company has a skills-based Board of directors which is responsible for the formulation of policies and decisions of the company. Below the board of directors, there is a higher management team who are responsible for supporting and advising the board of directors. The organization of Western Water Company has various departments which ensure smooth operations. These departments are efficiently linked and coordinated by a team of senior managers to ensure consistency and efficiency in production (W W, 2010).

Strategic Plan

For the company to meet its goals and objectives on a sustainable basis, it has enrolled in several long-term plans to meet its vision. Firstly, the company is working to ensure a carbon-free atmosphere in the year 2017/18. This will be facilitated by the establishment of a cogeneration plant at Melton RWP. The construction is facilitated by a $700k government grant which will ensure completion of the construction work as well as the installation of the necessary facilities. Importantly, the plant will be powered by biogas harvested from the recycling process and thus saving large percentages of carbon dioxide (WRA, 2010).

The company is also committed to ensuring sufficient water supply to the increasing population and the decreasing rains. This will be facilitated by the company’s plan to ensure efficient recycling of sewage which would rescue a high percentage of clean water. In addition, the company is aware of the influence of biodiversity on climate thus is working effortlessly in establishing a sustainable environment. In this regard, the company has entered into massive projects of recovering forests, water catchments as well as massive planting of trees. Further, the company is working on increasing awareness of biodiversity preservation and habitat conservation (WRA, 2010).

Corporate Social Responsibility

Alongside the motives of profit maximization and market leadership, the western water company is much aware of its social responsibility. In connection with this, the company has started various projects which will not only benefit the company but also the surrounding community. First, the company is playing a key role in enlightening the community about the need for environmental conservation. This company is educating society on the need to preserve biodiversity and habitats thus establishing a better place for current and future generations (W W, 2010).

It has also been noted that western water corporation has engaged in massive tree planting which will not only help in rain harnessing but also produce fuel for the community. In addition, the company is engaged in honest and fair market practices which ensure quality services along with fair pricing. Proper disposal of waste has also been realized to be a social responsibility of the company which ensures a healthy and humane environment for the community (Evans, 2006).

Customer Responsiveness and Quality

Western Water Corporation has placed the needs and expectations of its customers to be its priority. The company is much aware of the increasing water demand due to increasing population as well as decreased annual rains. In response to this, the company has established efficient sewage recycling which will lead to securing a high percentage of clean water. To meet customer expectations, the company is very conscious regulating of prices to maintain fair and affordable prices. It is further noted that the company has excelled in maintaining quality by carrying out adequate market research, recruiting efficient staff, and establishment of a customer care department. Additionally, the company is acting fast to ensure a sustainable environment for its customers by ensuring a carbon-free environment (Evans, 2006).


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